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We a travel couple we like photography and travel. our photos is a stories photos telling people dream, emotions and more… wedding is best experience of culture, food and people we like to  wedding and capture wedding to our camera it's like stories. our Pictures are color.  black and white they give more feelings to see your big day. 

Natural Style of Wedding Photography


My discreet style of wedding photography is often created using available and natural light only and is most commonly described as ‘reportage wedding photography’ or documentary wedding photography 

In essence, these terms describe the same fundamental photographic style - one that doesn’t dictate or direct but simply observes and discreetly captures real moments as they unfold. To see what this means in practice, look through my wedding portfolio where you will see the kind of authentic and honest style of wedding photographs that you will receive from me.

On Wedding Day

 Other  than the odd, pre-planned traditional group photo, I typically spend  95% of the day photographing genuine and meaningful moments between  family and friends. Weddings are full of these beautiful and often  fleeting moments - elements that depict the true essence of a day. 

A  skilled natural-style wedding photographer is one that you shouldn’t  notice too much and yet has the competence to spend the entire day in  the thick of the action but importantly, has no impact on the atmosphere  or flow of the day itself.

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